The investigation and the researchers



Incidentally of the investigation and of the researchers, with more or less prestige, emerged this reflection opened to any reply on the part of who is sat reflected in her.

The universities, as a rule, they promote, encourage, accept or support and intend to impel the investigation as principal motor of advance of the knowledge. This would be what is ideal; at least this would have to be principal labor of a good University.


            However, the procedures by those, which are governed, make difficulties for many of the initiatives investigators; only requirement: That,  these proposals,  will be endorsed by department teachers, groups of investigation, master…

Whose companies and supports are valid by the simple fact of having a stamp that say: "this investigation is carried out by such or which department of this University and it is competition of the directing, group of investigation, doctored… with names and surname. - Company and stamp.

            Unfortunately, in many cases, it is simply a facade with supposed prestige brilliancy. How many projects have been forged, used, stagnant during decades, without could see the light?

I know infinite cases in those which the student projects and doctored; they have been used/ robbed, with out names, signed additionally that they were not they. Also I know many cases of families you deposit occupying the important posts of university departments. Seemed that such University Faculty, or part of her, it would be parents homestead to children, cousins, …

            However, authentic professors, large professional or intellectual, they are removed definitely from the university circle, by be politically wrong, or to have an own criterion (yet having the maximum credentials, experience and path). When they are not taken by insane


Exist investigating of vocation (the authentic) that intends to impel a new knowledge plot. Question what was established as absolute truth and is advanced in the time. If they are supported by the officialdom, they will not will have any problem, to what is supreme some that other struggle of power or authorship of the possible discovery in question. At least, always it will have the call academic recognition. 

            But exist other that they suffer injustices by be independent, yet carrying lives you deposit   devoted to an only study, that always it will be a new contribution to the humanity and to the Knowledge.

            A last case of injustice has carried me to this reflection.

Today, Internet it has opened a gold opportunity for the ideas exchange between investigating. And many of them maintain a close and continuous collaboration, without taking into account of where originate, what prestige may have, of what country will be (a relief and support for the independent). Can publish so, that everybody sees their proposals and advances. They can obtain altruistic collaboration. Conferences; diffusion, and this fill them with happiness.

            The investigating official, on the other hand, they have been stagnant and begin to commit mistakes. Begin to discover his real quality as investigating (of facade). Discover their plagiarisms and are seen harassed by the own authors to who plagiarize.

What would say you if knew that one of these investigation proposals (a that now is in style, but that carries almost 20 years being studied) was dismissed by a department of a given Faculty and three years afterwards verified that such idea and investigation results have been taken, of unpunished way, by a neophyte of the topic of the same department and Faculty in question?  I can not give names, as will understand, by safety reasons, but this is totally certain. As totally certain is,  that all is covered and watched by the officialdom. And, furthermore, What they would say if a department director is appropriated of the conclusions of a doctored of other distant University, with who purportedly collaborate, believe that by the distance were not gone to deposit. In addition to that such collaboration is doubtful or indirect; rather would be: "the collaboration of the fact that let me to copy your study"?

            I leave opened this reflection/protest and I request that the independent researchers are joined. We seek solutions that protect us. We raise the voice and we request our rights. 

Mª José de Córdoba